How to Shop for a Billiard Table

How to Shop for a Billiard Table

Pool Table Sizes

Always consider whether have enough space in your entertainment room for a pool table. Those who have played on somebody else's pool table may know what it’s like to play pool on a table where there’s just not enough room. Players struggle to use cue sticks when your pool table is crammed into a tight space. When they try to make their desired shot, they risk damaging a wall and accidentally tapping their ball. Those issues are avoidable when you have the right size pool table for your space.

As a rule of thumb, you'll have enough room for a pool table if you take the table's dimensions and add around 64 inches to each side of the table. A typical cue stick length is 58 inches long, so those extra 6 inches give players enough space to use their cue stick without hitting a wall or another player.

Having the right size pool table for your game room is essential. While a regulation table for tournaments is around eight to nine feet long, smaller tables are available at seven feet in length which work great for causal family play or smaller game rooms. Although they are not fully regulation size, these tables are becoming increasingly popular in entertainment rooms. If table size is not a factor stopping you from using your cue stick, there’s no need to stress. Using a smaller pool table to practice shouldn't be an issue if you play with local teams. Other local team pool players are likely using a compact table as well.

Pool Table Beds

After finding the right size table, the next step is to consider the best material for your entertainment space.

Slate Pool Tables

Tables that are made from slate provide the highest quality of gameplay. Slate pool tables are built from high-quality stone, so the surface will never warp. Table warp creates an uneven playing surface, which can unintentionally cause the path of moving pool balls to curve. Fortunately, slate pool tables will last for years with virtually zero warp. They are a perfect long-term investment for your game room. Brunswick Billiards slate is measured to a rigorous standard twice exceeding BCA specification. The slate is precision-machined and leveled to within ten thousandths of an inch, then checked for flatness on each side four times throughout the machining and curing process. Finally, each set is quality inspected and certified for playability.

Medium-Density Fiberboard Pool Tables

Medium-density fiberboard tables are lightweight but still resist warping. Medium-density fiberboard pool tables are much more affordable compared to slate tables. These pool tables can be easily moved around the entertainment room, making them a great alternative to high-end pool tables.

Pool Table Cloth - Wool vs Worsted Cloth

Wool Cloth: For the casual player they often choose a wool cloth for their needs. It will play a bit slower and level the playing field by allowing all skill levels to compete. It is also much more budget friendly when it comes time to change the bed cloth. There are many color options to choose from to make sure that it compliments the room and your pool table wood grain choice.

Worsted Cloth: Advanced players simply love the speed and the effects they can put on the cue ball to make it dance! Worsted cloth is a woven blend that allows for more precise control and action. It is also protected by using a teflon treatment that is much more resistant to stains and friction marks on the cloth. This will keep your table looking and playing fantastic for many years to come! The choice of color for your table is completely up to you once again to suit your personal preference and style!

Pool Table Pockets

Pockets can come in different varieties, depending on your purchase. Compact tables typically come with drop pockets, whereas larger tables have an integrated return system for every pocket.

A ball return system is excellent for those who play many games consecutively because the balls all go into a single feeding system. Drop pockets can be better for those that like to keep track of who made which ball in each pocket. With a Brunswick pool table, it is clear to see superior accuracy and consistency.

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